Drivers Digital Tachograph Card Header Image



Switch on the ignition.
Insert the driver card in slot 1 with the chip facing upwards and the arrow pointing forwards.
If the vehicle is double manned once Driver 1s card has been read Driver 2 can insert the card in slot 2.
It is then necessary to follow the instruction on the display, which will show the following:
Drivers name appears and the date and time the last card was withdrawn in UTC time unless previously changed to GMT.

There is an option now to make a manual entry relating to any activities that occurred after the last time the card was removed and/or before the card was inserted this time.

Manual entries

All manual entries must be entered on the driver card by using the digital tachograph.

On the image above we will use the large circular button that has the 'up arrow head', 'down arrow head', 'left arrow - with a dot at its point' and the right hand button marked 'OK'.

Use 'Up' & 'Down' to scroll up or down through the main menu and sub-menus as needed.

Use 'OK' to .....
- Access the main menu
- Choose selected menu options
- Confirm a selected action

Use 'left arrow - with a dot at its point' for going Back or Cancelling. Press to .....
- Access main menu
- Return from sub-menu
- Exit from a selected action without making a change

It is worth remembering that adjusting the previous days' ( or vehicles' if a second vehicle is used on the same day ) finish time or the current days' start time can only be carried out when the driver card is inserted on the current day ( or vehicle if a second vehicle is used on the same day ).

To Enter Activities Manually

Ensure that yes is displayed on the screen. If it isn't use 'up' or 'down' button and then press 'OK'
The display will then show the last time the driver card was removed and ask if this is the end of the shift.
Press the 'up' or 'down' buttons until no is displayed, then press 'OK'.
Two sets of date & time will appear, one above the other.
Use the 'up' button to alter the lower of the two times to the required time ( if you go too far use the 'down' button to go back ).
When the correct time is shown press 'OK'.

The display will then show an activity mode. Select the required activity by pressing the 'up' or 'down' buttons and the press 'OK'.

Finally, confirmation of the location at the end of the last duty is requested, use the 'up' and 'down' buttons as required and press 'OK' to confirm.

When the entering of manual times is complete, you will be prompted to confirm the start location for your new period of duty. Use the 'up' and 'down' buttons to select location and press 'OK' to confirm.

The vehicle unit will then process and store your changes and copy this data to your driver card.
When the vehicle unit has finished processing and copying a driver card symbol pictogram will appear in the display.

Now you can start to carry out your days' duties as normal.

If no manual entries are required select 'NO' and press 'OK'.
Select location and press 'OK'.
The card pictogram will appear when the data from the card has been read completely from the card.
Log on is complete.


Press the driver card eject button.
Select the location at the end of the shift and press 'OK'.
The system will then ask if a printout is required.
If a printout is required select YES and wait for it to be printed.
Otherwise select NO and press 'OK'.
The driver card will then be released from the slot.
Log off is complete

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